We Buy Original Animation Art, Original Peanuts Comic Strips, and select Disney Limited Edition Cels of Key Scenes.
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Our recent sales are nearly double that of our sales from this time last year when the economy was robust. This is a great time to sell animation art as demand is up, the market is hot, and collectors are extremely active and spending their money with us.

This is a great time to sell animation art as demand is up, the market is hot, and collectors are extremely active and spending their money with us.

We frequently work with private people who are looking to sell their collections or estates, whether large or small.

We specialize in Vintage Disney Production Art, Vintage Warner Bros Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, Chuck Jones and the Grinch, Nightmare Before Christmas, Tex Avery and Tom and Jerry from MGM, Vintage Hanna Barbera such as the Jetsons and Flintstones and as well as original comic strips by Charles Schulz and Peanuts Animation Art.

We have brought in over 3000 pieces in the last two years from private parties, and placed the majority of them with our clients. Wonderful World of Animation has been the 'go to' destination for animation art collectors since 1993 for our selection of quality animation art. There are many reasons why you can feel comfortable in your choice to work with us to sell your art.

We Are Interested in the Following:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Courvoisier Cels

All Disney Courvoisier Cels including Pinocchio, Fantasia, Song of the South, and Bambi as well as Vintage Shorts like Ferdinand, and Brave Little Tailor!

We are interested in this type of Animation Artwork as well:

Original Daily and Sunday Peanuts Strips from the 1950s through the 1990s by Charles Schulz (no newspaper cut-outs please!)

Original Disney Studios Concept paintings and drawings

Gertie the Dinosaur and 1940s and 50s Warner Bros production cels

Original Chuck Jones Grinch cels, Tim Burton artwork, Simpsons Couch Gags and Early Simpsons

Here is a list of what we are very interested in:

Disney – Original Animation Art, Production Cels, Drawing, Concepts, anything signed by Walt Disney
Peanuts - Original comic strips (no newspaper cut-outs please!)
Peanuts - Original Animation Art, Production Cels, Drawing, Concepts

Warner Bros. - Original Animation Art, Production Cels, Drawing, Concepts
Hanna Barbera - Original Animation Art, Production Cels, Drawing, Concepts
Gertie the Dinosaur - original production drawings
MGM Studios, Tex Avery, and Vintage Tom and Jerry original Animation Art, Production Cels, Drawing, Concepts
Original Nightmare Before Christmas Production Art
Chuck Jones – Original Drawings, Oil, and Watercolor Paintings
Chuck Jones - Original Grinch Production Art (1966)
Simpsons - Original Art
Yellow Submarine - Original vintage art
Batman - Excellent original BTAS production cels and master backgrounds
Dr Seuss - Sold Out sculptures and lithographs

Production Artwork from Jay Ward, Secret of NIMH, Don Bluth, Ren and Stimpy, UPA Studios, Tex Avery.

Any Large Collection (100+ Pieces)

Please do not send us:
Any Sericels or Serigraphs
Any limited editions (except Simpsons and Classic Disney Scenes)
Any film reels
Any lithographs (except Dr Seuss)

The above images are visual clues of Sericels and Limited Editions. We do not purchase these from private individuals, so please do not contact us with them for sale.

We regret that due to the huge amount of emails we receive with art for sale, we can only reply to those that fit the categories of interest.
Art For Sale Submission Instructions:

Please follow the below instructions when submitting your art to be evaluated or your submission may get lost or not accepted. Due to the huge number of submissions we get on a daily basis, we truly appreciate your cooperation!

1. Email us about your piece.

2. Make sure your email contains a detailed description of your piece- condition, size, where purchased, etc.

3. You must include an image for us to consider your piece. Please attach a jpg image of your art in the email. We only need to see one full shot of your piece and any credentials that provide a history and can help authenticate your piece.

4. Please make sure that the images are under 300k each. Emails which may be too large to reach us and may be stopped by our server. There should be options in your photo program that let you resize images for email purposes. Sizes under 5 inches by 5 inches and DPI at 72 DPI are ideal. Getting your images to us in the correct format will greatly speed up our replying to you on a timely basis.

5. As the Wonderful World of Animation, we devote ourselves to offering your art to our clients in the best possible light and we work hard on your behalf to sell your art for you. We ask that before you send us any art for sale, you are representing that this art is currently not being offered for sale elsewhere- another gallery, on the internet, or on any other venue.

Email us your Art for Sale!

If you need assistance, we have a friendly staff that would be happy to help.
Please call us at 310-836-4992.

Why Choose Wonderful World of Animation to Sell Your art?

We have been in business since 1993 and continue to sell artwork to clients around the world! Our small team has 65+ years combined experience and is dedicated to providing excellent online and in person customer service.
2. Our gallery/office is located in Los Angeles and we have the number one animation gallery website in the world.
3. Our dominating web presence means your art will be seen by dedicated Animation Art collectors daily. You found us easily, so do the collectors!
4. Our constantly updated inventory of thousands of pieces has collectors checking our site daily for new additions.
5. We invite you to watch our site- multiple pieces are sold off of this site every day.
6. We have been featured in many periodicals including In Touch, OK! (UK version), The Hollywood Reporter, LA Times and more...
7. Animation art exclusively from our gallery was named one of the Top Ten Gifts by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce in 2003.
8. The owner of the gallery has been interviewed on CBS Nightly News, CNN, BBC radio and a host of other outlets as an animation art expert.
9. We have over 300 consignors currently selling their art through us, and our clientele consists of many prominent animation collectors and celebrities from around the world.
10. We maintain long term relationships with clients, collectors, dealers, and consignors.
11. We release animation production art on a weekly basis to our list of clients and collectors with an e-mail open rate more than double art industry standard (between 43%-52% of our emails are opened by our customers).

Here is what some of our consignors have to say about us:

"It's been a pleasure working with you. You and your organization are top-flight professionals."
-K.J. of Fort Collins, Colorado

"I just wanted to express my appreciation for all of your help and assistance this year with helping me sell my artwork. I feel very comfortable dealing with you and I really do appreciate your kindness and cheerfulness and ready help."
-T.S. of Collingswood, New Jersey

"Thank you so much! You have been so good to me through this whole process and I am very appreciative. You have been wonderful to work with.I will happily recommend you to anyone who might have need of your services."
-D.W. of Redlands, California

"I am always pleased when I encounter someone who is truly professional and wanted to let you know that I appreciate the timeliness of your response and the quality of your communications. I am impressed by your professionalism."
-S.S. of San Diego, California