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             Piece Code/Sku :      SIMP123
             Piece description :     Production cel of Homer Simpson
             Piece price US$ :     400
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Additional pieces or information (i.e. framing requests, etc.). If you select framing without any specific instrcutions, the piece will be framed at designers discretion and you will be charged our standard framing charges. 12 field is US$150, larger sizes will be charged accordingly.

We ship Fedex Express (please note we no longer ship Ground) as we found it is the safest and most professional way for you to get your art safely. If you accidentally chose the incorrect option for your piece, we will charge your card for the correct one.
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Pieces will be shipped together as much as possible to result in a one-time shipping charge for multiple orders.
Ex. 5 12 field unframed pieces will cost the same as one to ship, just US$30 overseas.
Oversized pieces will be subject to a higher shipping charge - we will inform you before we process the order. If you accidentally select the incorrect option, you will automatically be billed for the correct option.
Insurance is included free in the shipping charges.

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