Wonderful World Art Gallery Artist Submission Guidelines

Wonderful World Art Gallery
happily accepts unsolicited submissions of artwork as we are always

on the lookout for new artists and opportunities.  We review new Artist Submissions on an ongoing basis.

Download the submission form here.


About Wonderful World Art Gallery

Wonderful World Art Gallery seeks to expand the scope of its inventory by reviewing the artwork of local, up-and-coming artists. Evolving from its initial focus on animation production art, WWA is currently looking for contemporary, POP, Abstract and Graffiti influenced artwork.

Wonderful World Art Gallery is located in downtown Culver City, CA, among many fine eateries, and adjacent the multi-media giant, Sony Pictures Entertainment. Recently featured in L.A. Time's West Magazine and on KCAL 9 News as a Los Angeles hot spot, thousands have discovered Wonderful World Art Gallery as leading the urban renewal of Culver City. This distinctive gallery is dedicated to providing the best quality artwork from animated productions and popular culture. WWA is the nation's leading gallery for 20th Century Fox artwork, as well as an unmatched resource for Vintage Disney, Warner Bros., and DC Comics. From the gallery's whimsical architecture to its playful collection, the recently renovated gallery is a gem of visual stimuli.

To become more familiar with the Wonderful World Art Gallery, please visit the website at www.animationartgallery.com.

Submissions of Artwork

Unsolicited submissions are received at an on-going basis and reviewed by the gallery as time permits. Please be aware that the timeline in which materials are received is not predetermined and there is no set deadline for receiving a response. We will send a confirmation email stating that we have received your submission.  The gallery cannot accept follow-up phone calls or emails but we can ensure you that we will review all properly completed submissions, and you will be contacted if the gallery is interested in receiving additional materials or more information.

Do not send original artwork or otherwise irreplaceable materials. WWA Gallery cannot be held responsible for unsolicited original artwork and it will not be returned.

Submission of original slides or other media not specified in the submission guidelines will not be reviewed, nor will any submission that does not adhere to the Submission Guidelines. All submitted materials will be handled with care, but WWA does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged materials, nor can they be returned.

Please keep in mind that multiple submissions may be reviewed simultaneously. For this reason, it is essential that all materials from an individual submission be clearly labeled with your name and contact information.

Submissions via Mail May Be Sent To:
Wonderful World Art Gallery
ATTN: Artist Submission
9517 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

Click Here for more information and a downloadable copy of our submission form.