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Frequently Asked Questions Page

1. What is a cel, drawing, etc? Differences in types of backgrounds, etc? Or any other question about definitions.

Please refer to our animation defintions page.

2. How can I start collecting?

Please refer to our article on beginning collecting.

3. What is the difference between original and reproduction art (limiteds, sericels, giclees)?

Please refer to our limited edition comparison page.

4. Do we take credit cards?

Yes. For details, please refer to our order information page.

5. What is our framing policy?

Please refer to our order information page.

6. What is our layaway policy?

Please refer to our order information page.

7. Do we ship worldwide?

Yes we do. Please refer to our order information page for more details.

8. What does it mean to be an approved gallery?

That means that a specific gallery has decided that it wishes to carry a certain line of newer art. For example: Disney, Warner, Simpsons, etc. That gallery then applies to each studio individually, somewhat like a credit card application, and then the gallery is either approved, or not approved. Just because a gallery is not an approved gallery is not a reason to distrust a certain gallery.

Reasons for not having a license:

a. That gallery does not wish to carry a certain line for whatever reason (example: a gallery has clients who only collect vintage Disney- carrying Simpsons art would not be a good idea for them).
b. That gallery is deemed to be too close in location to another approved gallery or a studio store.
c. That gallery does not have what is considered to be a "retail" space, and therefore is not eligable for that reason.
d. You should be potentially concerned if a gallery once had the license and it was revoked, or the gallery has applied and been refused. These are rare instances, but it has happened occassionally. But be fair, try to find out why this happened as there are always two sides to any story.

9. Will we evaluate an item?

If you have no intention of selling your item and are only looking for an evaluation, then we charge between US$50-US$200 per piece depending on the amount of work involved. You receive something in writing that you may use for insuarnce purposes. Most items are in the US$50 range. Please understand that the time we are taking to research your item is time we are taking away from helping our clients buy art.

If you are interested in selling your item and wish to know what we would pay, then there is no charge.

10. Why doesn't the Disney/Warner stores carry vintage art?

This is actually a bit complicated, but the long and the short of it is, they don't have the art anymore available for sale. Disney does have vintage art, but it is locked up in the archives and is not released to the public. Warner has been known to purchase a few items in the secondary market and offer them for sale in the stores, but they threw out most of the items they initially had years ago.

11. Where do we get our vintage art?

We acquire our art from a number of sources which range from animators or family memebers of animators, private collectors, people who have found the pieces in "attics", and sometimes other dealers.

12. What's the deal with sealing?

Studio sealing and certificates of authenticity are a relatively new thing. Any newer piece that you purchase should have the appropriate seal and cert. It varies per studio, but the general rule is mid-80s to present. In the case of Fox, there are some early cels that left the studio before there process of sealing began. It is standard practice for any vintage piece to come with a cert from the gallery selling the piece.

WWA Gallery Home! WWA Gallery Testimonials! WWA Gallery Mailing List! WWA Ordering Policies! Visit our gallery! WWA Art Definitions WWA Art Request! Email WWA!