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The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
Studio photograph of Basil, Dr. Dawson, Queen Moustoria, Olivia Flaversham and Ratigan.

This art piece is part of a series of black and white photographs of storyboards for a draft of the film when it was still called Basil of Baker Street! Here we can see that Ratigan reveals to Basil and Dr. Dawson his plans to replace the queen with a mechanical replica; fortunately, our heroes manage to escape from the trap set by Ratigan!
This photograph measures approximately 12"H by 20"W.

The photograph tends to curl a bit (probably as a result of being rolled up in storage after production) which can be easily remedied by matting or framing the piece.

The size of the image is 9" h x 19" w.

US$ 75  (unframed)

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