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The Rescuers (1977)
Key master set-up of Bianca, Bernard, Madame Medusa, Nero, Brutus and Mr. Snoops.

This Key Master set up of Bernard, Bianca, Madame Medusa, Mr. Snoops, Nero and Brutus is truly remarkable. This setup can be seen at 44:49 in the film and is comprised of 5 original production cels and master background. Medusa reclines on the tatty couch as she prepares to pounce on Mr. Snoops for letting Penny escape. Bernard and Bianca look on from the shadows of low table. Every character in this set-up is caught displaying the personality that they portray throughout the film. The crocodiles patiently wait to do their master’s biding, Medusa lazily sneers, Mr. Snoops cringes at Medusa’s scolding, and the story’s heroes bravely watch as they hear Medusa’s plan for the first time. This is a must have for any die hard The Rescuers fan.

The cels are stapled to the background with three staples along the extreme lower edge. There is a small portion of the background that has been trimmed away in the extreme lower left edge, which measures .25" x 2" and exists outside of the image area. All of this can easily be matted out. There are a few very small pin holes in the extreme upper left corner of the background

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16")


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