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Robin Hood (1973)
Master set-up and Mother Rabbit.

"Robin Hood" was Disney studios first animated feature produced after the passing of the great Walt Disney. For this reason, the film was considered a test for the studios animation department. A test they passed with flying colors as the film garnered the biggest box office total of all the Disney films at the time. From this master set-up of Maid Marian dancing in the forest it is easy to see why the film was such a success. The background has all the beautiful, intricate detail work that Disney is famous for, and the character seem to jump off the cel in a whimsical, joyous manner.
There is some tape on the edges of the cel--easily matted out and there is one tear in each upper corner of the cel with the pig on it and a corner missing on the overlay cel with the bush on it- which are held in tact with tape-- easily matted out

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16")

US$ 2800  (unframed)
Sale Price US$1680

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