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Pinocchio (1940)
Master background.

This piece measures 11" x 31". This beautiful panoramic master background depicts the cobblestone lined streets of the quaint Italian town of Pinocchio’s happier days. Painted in earthy warm orange and brown tones, the piece is sure to take the viewer back into the simple world of a puppet boy and his loving creator. The film's directors created these fantastically long backgrounds in which a character could be animated on the move. This background is yet another example of the lost art of animation, in which so many painstaking hours were spent on these beautiful large paintings in order to capture the intrinsic mood of each masterpiece film.
The background appears at 28:25 in the film.

This piece shows the slightest evidence of handling along the extreme left corner, which can easily be matted out.

The size of this piece is Pan


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