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Fantasia (1940)
Layout drawing.

This appears to be the layout of the scene that appears during the middle of the "Rite of Spring" sequence. The lower left hand side, the shoreline, is where the fish that evolved into the turtle-like creature crawls onto the land, and the spire above the composition is the rookery from where the pterodactyls emerge and then soar through the sky and around the rocky mass toward the background.
This piece has been rendered in blue and red pencils and most likely was used as an effects drawing.

There is some minor pencil smudging and part of the lower edge has been darkening due to age (which can be matted out for display if desired).

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16") and the size of the image is 10.5" h x 14" w.


Disney Studios

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