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Fantasia (1940)
Layout drawing of Hyacinth Hippo and Ben Ali Gator.

At the culmination of The Dance of the Hours suite Ben Ali Gator spins Hyacinth and drops her on her belly thus ending their epic bi-species pas de deux .

As visible in the web image, there is paper loss of 0.5" x 1.5" and 0.25" x 0.5" at the upper right corner and 1.25" above the lower right corner. There are minor tears to the upper edge within the artwork borders; two 0.5" approximately halfway across, 0.25" and 0.125" located 1.0" and 0.4" to the left of area of paper loss. There is a 0.5" tear below the right peg hole with a spot of paper loss and a 0.25" tear in the lower right corner. There is a faint 2.5" crease across the upper left corner. Visible upon close examination is evidence of pin holes along the upper edge of the paper and artwork border; as pinning up work for evaluation was often part of the creative process, this is fairly common for this type of work. These can all be easily matted out.

The size of this piece is 12 Field (11"x13") and the size of the image is 7.75" h x 10.4" w.

US$ 3900  (unframed)Add this piece to your collection for only US$780 a month.

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