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Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Production drawing of Briar Rose.

There is a slight tinge of color change along the outer edges which can be easily matted out. There are two light folds of 4.0" and 7.0" on the right side located 2.0" to the right of the character and 3.0" above the lower edge; these can be matted out. There is a tear of 0.5" at the lower edge located 2.5" to the left of the lower right corner with creases across the lower right corner. There is a miniscule fold of 0.25" across the upper left corner. These can all be easily matted out. There are some minor creases in the left side; evidence of handling and can be easily matted out

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16") and the size of the image is 7" h x 2.75" w.


Disney Studios

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