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Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Concept piece of Alice.

Aliceís long dark walk to court room is filled with shadows, but there is one ray of light on the witness stand. Too bad there is no hope for Alice to get a fair trial!

The edges and border outside the artwork exhibit minor wear with toning, creases, smudges, and miniscule tears along the outer edge; these can be easily matted out. Tape of 8.5" in length has been affixed in the back of the piece along the upper edge. There is a slightly diagonal crease of 14.0" starting 1.5" below artwork's the upper left corner and running across to hit 2.0" from the left and 0.75" below artwork's upper right corner. Only slightly visible is a tear of 1.5" located 3.0" to the left of the character Alice which has been reinstated with tape on the back of the piece and a 0.5" tear in the second from right spearís pole located in the front row on the right side. Visible with close examination are some pin holes throughout. As pinning up work for evaluation was often part of the creative process, this is fairly common for this type of work.

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16") and the size of the image is 10.75" h x 14.25" w.


Disney Studios

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