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Fantasia (1940)
Production drawing of A Dinosaur.

As visible in the web image, there is a vertical crease running down the center of the piece. Also visible in the web image is paper loss of 0.5" x 1.25" along the bottom edge to the middle peg hole which can be easily matted out. There is some minor paper loss; 0.25" x 0.37" located halfway across the upper edge and the tips, 0.25" across, to each corner which can be easily matted out. There are some tears which can all be easily matted out; two of 0.25" located halfway down the left edge, 0.5" long at the upper edge located 1.25" to the right of the upper left corner, 1.5" long at the upper edge and located 3.25" to the left of the upper right corner, 0.5" long halfway down the right edge and 2.0" above this tear is another of 0.25" long. There is evidence of a pinhole 3.0" to the left of the character’s cheek and two pinholes by the right upper and lower corners. As pinning up work for evaluation was often part of the creative process, this is fairly common for this type of work.

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16") and the size of the image is 10" h x 6.25" w.


Disney Studios

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