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Lady and the Tramp (1955)
Production cel of Lady, Tramp, Tony from Lady and the Tramp and Joe from Lady and the Tramp.

What a wonderful set-up! This piece has all of the characters from one of Disney’s most romantic scenes. Lady looks meaningfully at Tramp to question Tony’s advice for Tramp to “settle down with this one.” Joe and Tony stand poised with their instruments behind a fully set table ready to serenade the two dogs with their rendition of “Bella Notte.”
Lady and Tramp appear at 46:11, just as Tony brings out the table prior to the Bella Notte scene.

The characters of Lady and Tramp are trimmed and applied on separate cels, while the table, Tony and Joe are trimmed and applied to the background. There is evidence of slight line wear in the table cloth and in Joe's character.
There is evidence of staple holes along the extreme upper corners, as well as slight tearing of the cel material along the extreme upper portion of the cels which measures 3". There is tearing along two of the peg holes on the cel of Tramp. All of this can easily be matted out.

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16") and the size of the image is 8.25" h x 11.5" w.


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