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Alice in Wonderland (1951)
Production cel of Alice, the White Rabbit and a flamingo.

The backing matte measures 20" x 16" inches. The cels measure 17" x 14" altogether.
This is a striking piece! This whimsical scene perfectly captures the topsy turvy world of Wonderland.
Alice with the Flamingo appears at 1:05:01 minutes in the film, and the White Rabbit appears at 1:03:14 minutes.

The production cel of Alice with the flamingo has been trimmed to match the contour of the hedgerow on the custom background. The production cel of the Rabbit has been trimmed to a size of 6"h x 9"w. The grass cel is a non-production foreground element for presentation. There is an overlayed cel with a printed image of a hedgehog, which has been added for presentation only. The background is a hand-painted custom background. There are a few tiny flecks of stray paint throughout, namely stray blue paint in Alice's apron, some flecks in her hair, the flamingo's wing, and around the White Rabbit. There is some slight linewear in Alice's apron hem and left shoulder. There is a small section of paint loss in the flamingo's leg. There is very slight linewear in the Rabbit's shirt. The production cels are taped to the background along their bottom edges. The cels are secured together with the background to a white matte for protection, taped with masking tape along the left, right, and upper edges. There are a few spots of paintloss along the lower edge of the background, which could be easily matted out. The light reflection visible in the web image is not on the piece itself.

The size of the image is 7.75" h x 10.5" w.


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