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Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Disneyland cel set-up of Prince Philip and Samson the Horse.

Samson raises his eyebrow as Prince Phillip urges him forward. This moment of connection between the characters is emblematic of the high quality of Disney animation. The character animators understood that in order to engage with the viewing audience they must first create characters that were able to connect with one another.
The artwork measures 10" x 12" and while it is not in the original Disneyland Matte, it is accompanied with the backing board with the gold Disneyland seal.

As visible in the image, the cel shows signs of waviness, which is common for cels of this vintage. As is common for Disneyland set ups, there is evidence of two small staple holes along the extreme upper edge of the cel, toward the center.

The size of the image is 8.5" h x 8.5" w.


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