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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Courvoisier cel of Some Deer, a rabbit and a chipmonk.

The woodland creatures from Snow White may not have a lot to say but they are often called to action to help clean the cottage, bake a cake, or save the day!
The aperture measures 7.0" x 8.75" while the matte measures 15.75" x 15.4".

As visible in the web image, the matte exhibits toning, discoloration and slight edge wear at the corners. The cel has become slightly wavy which is common for vintage animation cels. There is evidence of slight lifting on the central deer’s buttocks with a minor crack of 0.5" and slight lifting throughout the chipmunk and rabbit with paint loss of 0.125" x 0.125" on the rabbit’s paw. There is some evidence of glue residue which can be seen along the edge of the characters as the cel has separated slightly from the background. There are slight specks of black smudges in the rabbit’s face and bottom. There is a faint surface scratch of 3.75" that starts 0.25" above the lower left corner of the matte’s aperture to run diagonally and stopping near central deer’s front right hoof. As visible in the web image, there are spots of dark discoloration and possible foxing to the background.


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