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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)
Courvoisier cel of Snow White and some animals.

Snow White if swept up and away by her animal friends in this gorgeous Courvoisier set-up. This lovely piece teems with production art: birds, vines, a deer, a turtle, and a full character of Snow White!
This piece is very large for a Courvoisier set-up of 10.0" x 12.0" on 12.5" x 14.0" board.
The scene appears at 14:34 in the film and the deer appear at 14:38.

Cel has become slightly wavy which is common for vintage animation cels and there is tape and tape residue along the extreme edges of the cel and background which can be easily matted out. The paint from the character Snow White’s hair and lips have smudged and specs of paint from the lips have adhered to the clear overlay cel. There is slight lifting throughout with some minor areas of separation on Snow White’s right arm, a leaf at the lower left of the character and in the tail of the bird above the cape. Visible upon close inspection is a very slight crack on the turtle’s stomach with a minuscule speck of paint loss on the shell and a speck of paint loss in Snow White’s finger from the right hand. There is evidence of some minor paint loss on the tips of the leaves and stalk on the far right. There is very slight mottling of the paint in the cape and some line wear in Snow White’s left eyelid.


Disney Studios

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