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Dumbo (1941)
Courvoisier cel of Some Crows.

Glasses Crow, Dandy Crow and Straw Hat Crow perch on a tree branch and conspire to rouse the sleeping elephant they've found nestled high off the ground. The murder of crows from Dumbo are some of Disney animations most controversial characters. The negative connotation associated with the crows is a shame because these five misfits ultimately give Dumbo the magic feather that allows him to fly in addition to being some of the few comic and light-hearted characters in the entire film..
The cel measures 8.25" x 11.5" while the matte measures 14" x 21".

Cel has become slightly wavy which is fairly common for vintage animation cels. The light reflection is visible in the web image only and is not on the actual piece.
As visible in the image, the cel has slipped a little, exposing a strip of clear tape along the peg holes and slight evidence of adhesive along the extreme left side.
As seen in the image, some paint separation has occurred throughout the crows but there is very little evidence of paint loss.

The size of the image is 4" h x 8.5" w.

US$ 1750  (matted)


Disney Studios

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