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Bambi (1942)
Courvoisier cel of Bambi and some rabbits.

The superb animation and draftsmanship that pressed Bambi into the hearts of many generations is evident in this elaborate set-up. The animators have perfectly captured the lithe grace and spindly-leg gawkiness of a young fawn and sweet nervous alertness of the warren of rabbits.
The framed piece measures 21" x 20" with the aperture measuring 7" x 9.5".

The cels have been laminated, and we believe the paint has been restored. There are smudges of paint to the left of the rabbit at the far left, by Bambiís tail, head and back leg, and in some smaller areas around the other rabbits. As visible in the web image, there is significant line wear in the character of Thumperís mother and some medium line wear in the character Bambi. The light reflection is only visible in the web image only and is not on the actual piece.

Framing was done prior to its arrival at WWA thus the list price is reflective of the art only--the piece comes with the frame pictured. There is no change in price due to the frame--it can be de-framed upon request at purchase but will not change the price of the piece.


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