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Ink test cel of Goofy and Pluto.

This artwork appears on pages 100 - 101 of Mindy Johnson's "Ink & Paint - The Women of Walt Disney's Animation"
The Pluto cel is signed "Slaughter" in the lower right corner, while the Goofy cel is signed "Grace Gaunt" in the lower right corner. Comes with a custom hand-painted background.
Ink test cels do not become available very often, and it is very rare that they are signed.Ink test cels were used by Disney Studios in the hiring process for the Ink & Paint Department. A cel such as this may have been shown to the trainees as an example of the level of quality the company expected from its artists, or conversely, it may have been an actual art test done by an applicant. Those applying to be inkers would have closely copied the linework of an example cel. For those applying to be painters, many of the painting tests were done using old production cels from Disney shorts, which were wiped clean (since the paint was applied to the back of a cel, maintaining the linework on the front) and were then re-painted by the applicant.
The cel of Pluto measures 7" x 10" while the cel of Goofy measures 6.25" x 10".
The scene with Pluto is from Pluto’s Judgment Day (1935), while the scene with Goofy is from On Ice (1935).

There is evidence of pinholes and staple holes along the edges and in the corners of each cel, which could be easily matted out. Additionally, there are two small pin holes 0.75" inches from the upper edge of the Pluto cel, which could also be matted out. The cels are secured to the background with small strips of painter's tape, which could also be matted out. There is evidence of some mild paint loss in Pluto's eye, nose and ear, and in Goofy's snout. Some slight paint separation has occurred in Pluto's shoulders, and in Goofy's face and shirt. The cels have become very slightly wavy which is common for cels of this age.

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