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Dumbo (1941)
Courvoisier cel of Jim Crow and some crows.

Glasses Crow, Dandy Crow and Straw Hat Crow perch on a tree branch and conspire to rouse the sleeping elephant they've found nestled high off the ground. The murder of crows from Dumbo are some of Disney animations most controversial characters. The negative connotation associated with the crows is a shame because these five misfits ultimately give Dumbo the magic feather that allows him to fly in addition to being some of the few comic and light-hearted characters in the entire film..
The cel measures 8.25" x 11.5"

Cels have become wavy causing some light reflection which is visible in the web image only and is not on the actual piece. The cel was laminated by the studio which was a fairly common practice for cels from this film. Only visible if held at a certain angle and close up, one can see evidence of pinpoint size bubbles as a result of the lamination process. There is tape residue along the edges and the cel is affixed to the airbrushed background with tape along the right and lower edges. Marked paint separation has occurred throughout with little evidence of paint loss.

The size of this piece is 12 Field (11"x13")

US$ 1250  (unframed)Add this piece to your collection for only US$250 a month.

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