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Fantasia (1940)
Courvoisier cel of Pegasus and Baby Pegasus.

Cuddled in their treetop nest, the mother Pegasus unfurls her majestic wing to comfort her little black foal. The background of this large piece is a beautiful example of one of the many types of Courvoisier set-ups.
The mother Pegasus appears at 1:15:16 in the film and the baby Pegasus appears 2 seconds later at 1:15:16.
The framed piece measures 17.5" x 21.0" with the aperture measuring 10.25" x 12.3".

Cel has become slightly wavy which is fairly common for vintage animation cels. As seen in the web image, there is some brownish glue residue from the cel which is visible along the upper edges of the character mother Pegasus as the cel has separated slightly from the background. Some faint brown glue residue is also visible along the outer edges of the Baby Pegasus. Also visible in the web image is a 0.5" x 0.125" area of paint separation in the Pegusus motherís neck. There are 0.125" x 0.125" spots of paint separation with lifting in mother Pegasusí top mane, above the muzzle and between the cheek and mouth with some very slight lifting in the eye, cheek and neck. There is some line wear in the lower torso of the mother with two specks of paint loss at the lower edge. There is some cracking and slight lifting in the tail of the Baby Pegasus.

The size of the image is 3.75" h x 9.5" w.

US$ 4500  (framed)Add this piece to your collection for only US$900 a month.

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