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Fantasia (1940)
Concept piece of Ali Gator.

This is an excellent, early rendition of this slightly devilish character, and nicely sized as well. Here we see his great plume over his head, with what appears to be an earlier idea painted out by the artist. Ben is the leader of the horde of 12 wicked dance partners. He is shown here looking quite the dashing villain!
This piece measures roughly 13" x 8.5".

As visible in the image, the artwork has been trimmed roughly around the character and is mounted on a thicker card stock which has been trimmed as well. It is possible that this can be removed from the blue board.
There is a small pin hole toward the lowered edge of the card stock, well outside the image area.

The size of the image is 11" h x 7.5" w.

US$ 1950  (unframed)
Sale Price US$975

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