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Disney Studios (c. 1940s)
Concept piece of Gremlin.

“The Gremlins” were mythical, mischievous creatures purported to wreak havoc on planes. Roald Dahl, who went on to write such classics as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and James and the Giant Peach was a Flight Lieutenant who wrote this rare book and attempted to make a feature film with Walt Disney during World War II but they ran into several production Snafu’s such as Copyright and a cohesive direction in the film. Disney and his animators went on to make over a thousand insignias for use in the Air Force and Navy on patches and jackets, as this Gremlin is shown here.
The size of the piece measures 15" x 9".

As visible in the image, the art board has had a tinge of color change around the outer edges as well as around the image, which can be easily matted out.

The size of the image is 9.25" h x 4" w.


Disney Studios

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