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Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Layout drawing.

We've traced the depiction of the stairwell to 1:05:53 in the film at the point where the 3 fairies have freed the prince and this scene shows them looking up at the goons, as led by the raven, down the Maleficent's stairs in angry pursuit.
This piece is on animation paper with peg holes along the bottom and production numbers that read: SC 84 SEQ 18 - 2082. This detailed drawing would have been used as some element to produce the shot that is in the film, and the details of light and dark, as well as the adept rendering of the stone work with graphite make this an astonishing work of art suitable for inclusion in the best of collections.
This dramatic charcoal and graphite drawing displays numerous values of shade and light which magically form the gothic architectural details of the cold passageway. The artist would have spent many hours photo realistically capturing the fluted columns and vaulted ceilings as well as each stone block. This gorgeous vintage background drawing would be a wonderful purchase for any collector who believes in the magic that was created by Disney and his team of talented artists during the Golden Years.
This work of art measures 12 inches high by 30 inches wide.

Small particles of the graphite and charcoal have been lightly transferred along the edges of the piece. The lignin in the paper has naturally yellowed due to age. There is some very minor wrinkling, and there is a fold that runs vertically down the middle of the work, as seen in the image (probably due to the way this piece was stored in the archives after production). There are two staples on the left margin of the composition, which can be covered by matting or left for historical effect. All of these conditions noted above are quite normal and even expected of a drawing of this age. Overall the work is in excellent condition.

The size of the image is 11.5" h x 28" w.


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