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Bambi (1942)
Concept piece of A Deer.

The artwork measures 17.5" x 11". The forest setting for Disney’s classic film, Bambi, gave the studio an opportunity to create more complex and detailed backgrounds than anyone had ever seen, and they certainly succeeded in doing so. This concept piece shows that even in the early stages of planning, these meticulous backgrounds were in the forefront of the artists’ minds, as a massive, tangled web of tree trunks and branches surround a small clearing in which a tiny fawn lies. A great amount of depth is given to the piece by using darker colors to shadow those branches which cut across the foreground, while using lighter colors to accent and illuminate the trees that twist in the background. The forest truly becomes a character all its own in this piece just as it did in the movie itself.

There is evidence of staple holes towards the extremes of the upper left and right hand corners which can be easily matted out.
On the reverse of the piece, the edges have been affixed to a brown paper, which can easily be matted out..

The size of the image is 0.25" h x 0.25" w.


Disney Studios

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