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Fantasia (1940)
Concept piece of A Skeleton.

This storyboard depicts a skeleton from Fantasia’s final sequence, Night on Bald Mountain. In this scene, Chernabog is calling forth the numerous ghouls, phantoms, and ghostly skeletons which are then brilliantly choreographed in an aerial dance set amongst the night sky. This piece is one truly inspirational storyboard. We get a nice up-close view at one of the dancing skeletons before the demon master banishes them back down to Hell.
The frame measures 15.75" x 17.75" while the aperture measures 6.25" x 8.5".

Framing was done prior to its arrival at WWA thus the list price is reflective of the art only--the piece comes with the frame pictured. There is no change in price due to the frame--it can be de-framed upon request at purchase but will not change the price of the piece.


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