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Fantasia (1940)
Concept piece of Some Girls.

These three concept portraits, each bedecked with unusual headwear and other oversized accessories, have a sense of grandeur and importance even though the ladies are unnamed. This triptych is attributed to Sylvia Holland.
Each concept is on a 12-field sheet which has been matted in a way so as to keep each concept whole and untrimmed.
The frame measures 17.25" x 21.5" while the apertures measures 5" x 4.5", 4" x 3.5", and 5.5" x 5".
The lines on the matte were hand drawn by John Basmajian.

Wonderful World of Animation is honored that the Basmajian family has selected us as the exclusive gallery to represent their collection.

We all have the Basmajian family to thank for introducing the world to the joy of collecting animation art. In 1984, Disney animator John Basmajian teamed up with Christieís to launch the first ever animation art auction. Despite a court case brought by Disney days before the auction, the judge ruled that the art was rightfully Johnís and that he was allowed to sell it.

Thanks to Johnís vision to rescue these treasures and the courage to stand up for what he believed in, a new collectable was born. The auction was a huge success and made national news.

If you would like to watch videos about the news reports on the auction or see John assembling the mats used for the framed pieces available, click here.

If you would like to read more about the court case, please click here.

The size of this piece is 12 Field (11"x13")

US$ 1950  (framed)Add this piece to your collection for only US$390 a month.

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