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Pinocchio (1940)
Book art of Pinocchio, the Coachman, Gideon, Jiminy Cricket, J. Worthington Foulfellow, some donkeys, Incidental Kids and Lampwick.

This is a layout of story book art for Pinocchio portraying the children (including the title marionette character) being lured by the Coachman and his cohorts to a trip to Pleasure Island. Note poor Jiminy on near the base of the coach, doing his darnedest to talk Pinocchio out of the trip!
This piece is actually composed of two drawn fields (sheets of paper) each measuring 6"H by 7.5"W taped onto a larger piece. The piece has notations (such as the stamp that says :This drawing used by promotion dept" and the notes "Drwg #25, Page 41") and measures, in its entirety, 12.5"H by 19"W.

This piece has minute creases and tears along the edges. Aged tape marks can be seen which held the two drawn fields of paper onto the large paper backing. The left frame/field of the layout has loosened from its original taping. Most of these imperfections are far removed from the central compositions and matting and/or framing is recommended for this piece.

The size of the image is 6" h x 16" w.


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