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Pinocchio (1940)
Concept piece of Pinocchio.

The artwork is attributed to Gustav Tenggren
This piece measures 11” x 26” and is painted on 2 pieces of heavy watercolor paper and joined at the dark green seaweed going up the center of the piece. You can not see where the two pieces join because the top layer lays on top of the bottom layer. Gustav Tenggren was the first artist at Disney studios to conceptualize the Pinocchio story. He created a tremendous amount of paintings for the movie including a number of underwater concepts that were used in the final stylization of the film. This piece is rife with examples of Tenggren’s illustrative technique. The mitt and thumb paddle-like hands, the inked outlines of characters and objects, and the double character progressive movement are all hallmarks of Tenggren’s conceptual style. Tenggren also continually illustrated his Pinocchio with a round puppet like head with bits of hair shooting out from under his white cap. This piece bears striking similarities to other Tenggren concepts from the underwater scenes-most notably the dark green seaweed in the borders and foreground, the curious fish, the crisscross tie of the rope around the rock that weighs Pinocchio down, and the delicate bubbles that dot the scene.

The size of this piece is Pan


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