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The Aristocats (1970)
Concept piece of Duchess and Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz.

These two concept pieces are attributed to Ken Anderson. The book piece measures approximately 6.55" x 5.25" inches, while the cats piece measures 8.25" x 6" inches.

In regards to the book piece: a white piece of paper has been glued to the back, and has started to come loose from the black paper along the right edge, though the separation is not visible from the front. A small approximately 2" x 1" inch section of the book cover has been cut away to reveal the white paper underneath. There is 1" inch cut running from the upper edge to the trimmed portion of the book cover, which is only noticeable upon close inspection. The hand drawing is trimmed and glued to the piece. There is some extremely slight folding in the upper left corner, as well as some slight folding in the lower left corner, which could be matted out. There is evidence of two tiny pinholes along the upper edge, which could be easily matted out. As pinning up work for evaluation was often part of the creative process, this is fairly common for art of this kind. The outer edges are very slightly irregular, as the paper was trimmed by hand, which could also be easily matted out.
In regards to the cat piece: The left edge is perforated, which could be easily matted out. There is evidence of some slight handling. There is a tiny crease in the lower right corner, and a 1.50" inch crease in the lower left corner, with a small 0.75" inch tear stemming from the crease, which has been taped in place on the reverse side and could be easily matted out. There is a tiny 1cm tear along the lower edge just under the leftmost kitten, which could also be matted out. There is a small 0.25" inch line of wear in the paper just above the green monument.

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