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Wet Blanket Policy (1948)
Production cel and production background of Woody Woodpecker and Buzz Buzzard.

The Original Production Background is from The Hollywood Matador (1942).

The cel has been taped to the production background at the upper corners. There is tape and tape residue along the upper edge between the peg holes and along the lower right edge of the background. The peg holes in the background exhibit signs of wear and there is some discoloration to the paper border around the artwork. These can all be easily matted out. There are some dark smudges in the green of Woody Woodpecker’s eyes and evidence of line wear in the elbow of Buzz Buzzard.

Signed by Walter Lantz.

The size of this piece is 12 Field (11"x13") and the size of the image is 6" h x 6.25" w.


Walter Lantz Studios

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