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Some Enchanted Evening (The Simpsons) (1990)
Key master set-up of Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson.

“One Enchanted Evening” was a hallmark episode for The Simpsons, initially airing as the season one finale on May 13, 1990. This Master Set-Up of Bart and Lisa comes from the pivotal moment in that episode in which the troublesome two realize their babysitter is actually the nefarious Baby Sitter Bandit. Finding a Master Set-Up, a cel with a matching background, featuring the oldest siblings of the Simpson brood is an extremely rare event, and marks a great opportunity for any Simpsons or animation art collector.
These is slight line wear in the characters.

The size of this piece is 12 Field (11"x13") and the size of the image is 7.5" h x 7.5" w.

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Simpsons (Fox)

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