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The Simpsons (2001) (2001)
The Directors Edition

Edition Size: 100
Giclee on paper of The Simpson Family.

This piece measures 15" x 19" and is edition # 23/100.
The original signatures and remarques from the top 11 Simpsons Directors is on a 4" border surrounding the giclee image.
The directors who remarqued and signed the piece are: Bob Anderson; Michael Anderson; Wes Archer; Susie Dietter; Jen Kamerman; Mark Kirkland; Pete Michels; Rich Moore; Steven Dean Moore; Jim Reardon; and David Silverman.

There is a 1" long fold across the upper left corner and a small 0.25" fold across the upper right corner. There is a light crease 2" above the lower edge that runs horizontally across and a miniscule crease halfway down the extreme right edge. On the back of the print, there is some loss of surface paper; 0.25" wide and 5" long across the extreme upper edge and 0.75" wide running along the right edge. Also on the back is evidence of 0.3" x 6.5" painterís tape that has been affixed across the upper left edge with an area of surface paper loss 2" long. Slightly visible is an area of tape residue 0.5" x 3" on the lower left side and well away from images.

Signed by David Silverman, Wes Archer, Bob Anderson etc..

The size of the image is 7" h x 11" w.


Simpsons (Fox)

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