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Bart the Genius (1990)
Production cel with matching drawing of Homer Simpson.

Coming from The Simpsons second episode “Bart the Genius,” this production cel of Homer drenched in nuclear waste is a great example of how America’s favorite dunce has changed stylistically over the years. Originally airing January 14th, 1990, “Bart the Genius” marked the first of Bart’s many moral lessons, and the crude manner in which the characters were initially created is still evident. Having swapped IQ tests with Martin, Bart is mistaken for a genius and ends up looking like a fool when put in an accelerated class, but in this cel it is Homer who looks like the fool. This cel is the perfect addition to anyone’s Simpson collection or it can also be a great start to a brand new collection.
Slight line wear.

The size of this piece is 12 Field (11"x13") and the size of the image is 7" h x 3.5" w.


Simpsons (Fox)

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