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Terrytoon Studios
Model sheet drawing of A Beaver.

This drawing measures 11" x 9.50" inches.

As visible in the web image, this piece exhibits more than normal handling, with three vertical folds trisecting the paper, and one horizontal fold running through the middle. There is evidence of wrinkling throughout the piece. The paper has become delicate and we recommend framing so as to store the piece in the best way. As visible in the web image, there are a few small chips in the edges of the paper, as well as some mild tearing along the upper edge, which could be easily matted out. There are three 1" inch tears halfway along the upper edge of the paper and in the center peghole, which could also be matted out. There is a 0.50" inch tear in the upper lefthand corner, which could be easily matted out.

US$ 195  (unframed)
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