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Mr. Bug Goes to Town a.k.a Hoppity Goes To Town (1941)
Concept piece of Smack The Mosquito and Swat the fly.

Actual artwork measures 9.25" x 12". Production handwriting within the margins along the top read, "Use this drawing for rendering suggestion only." Notes at the lower right corner reads, "Note correction on tracing." and "spool is changed to a bolt." Notes along the bottom reads "Make this Hoppity's table."

As visible in the web image, the paper exhibits toning. Also slightly visible is a slight crease running vertically down the center of the piece and 4.75" across the ankle illustration. There is a 2.5" crease across the upper left corner and a very light horizontal fold across the piece located 5.5" from the lower edge. There are multiple, scattered pin holes in the margins at each corner and a few halfway across the upper and lower edges; as pinning up work for evaluation was often part of the creative process, this is fairly common for this type of work. The piece exhibits signs of minor handling throughout.

The size of this piece is 16 Field (13"x16")


Max Fleischer Studios

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