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Marvel Comics
The New Gods - Magnificent 7

Edition Size: 7
Giclee on canvas.

Edition Size 7AP/7PP/7EP
IMAGE SIZE: 44 W x 22 H
New Gods is a part of a continuing series called "The Magnificent 7" a very special small edition of canvas prints limited to 7 Artist Proofs, 7 Printers Proofs and 7 Executive Proofs. Collect them all!
Characters included are Metron (in chair), Black Racer behind him, Mark Moonrider, Big Bear, Vykin, Highfather, Beautiful Dreamer, Serifan, Infinity Man, Lightray, Forager, Darkseid, Big Barda, Mantis, Fastbak, Parademons, Granny Goodness, Lashina, The Pursuer, Orion, Kalibak, Doctor Bedlam, Kanto, Mad Harriet, Desaad, Sirryan, Mokkari
The New Gods, or the "Fourth World" as it is frequently known, debuted in a trilogy of related comics in the early 1970s called New Gods, Forever People, and Mister Miracle. The New Gods came into existence after the world of the old gods of classical mythology was destroyed. Upon destruction the one world became 2 separate planets. One is New Genesis, a lush green paradise, and the other is Apokolips, a scorched, nightmarish land that is full of fire pits. The inhabitants of these worlds are functionally immortal unless they fall in battle, have superhuman reflexes, strength, and stamina. Their one weakness is their vulnerable to Radion, a toxic substance that can prove fatal in large doses.

Signed by Alex Ross.

US$ 1199  (unframed)Add this piece to your collection for only US$239.8 a month.

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Marvel Comics

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