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Marvel Comics
Kingdom Come: Absolute

Edition Size: 50
Giclee on paper of Superman.

Kingdom Come is the four-issue groundbreaking series. Set in the year 2020, Superman and his peer group of heroes have been succeeded by a new generation of contemporaries, whose ideals are more nihilistic, caring more about their own egos and less about the people they are sworn to protect. Often times the new team is found clashing with each other as much as with the villains. When a major disaster takes place Superman decides it is time to rein in this new team in hopes that they will reform and adopt his generationís ideals of what makes a true Super Hero.
Image size 20 W x 16 H
Edition Size is 50REG/15AP/15PP/15EP
$295 each or Sets Price $795 for Kingdom Come: Superman Kingdom Come: War Kingdom Come: Absolute
Kingdom Come: Absolute is offered as individual prints or as matched sets. Pieces 1-25, AP1-8, PP1-8 and EP 1-8 are reserved for matched sets. All others are sold individually.

Signed by Alex Ross.

US$ 295  (unframed)Add this piece to your collection for only US$59 a month.

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Marvel Comics

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