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Marvel Comics
Scars (AP/PP)

Edition Size: 200
Lithograph on paper of Batman.

Matted Lithograph Print
"SCARS" is a dramatic illustration by Alex Ross that appeared as a pin-up in the comic titled Batman: Black & White.
This striking image gives us a candid look behind the famed Batsuit and reveals a battle-scared Bruce Wayne.
Ross garnered his inspiration for SCARS from a Joe Stanton drawing and a story about a future version of Batman marrying Catwoman. During one point in the story there is a scene where Batman is out of costume and Catwoman gasp as she sees his back and all the scars.
Also available in EditionSize: 25AP/25PP/25EP/25IE

Signed by Alex Ross.

US$ 50  (unframed)
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Marvel Comics

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