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The Golf Champion (1960)
Master set-up of Fred Flintstone and a dinosaur.

Fred rides his Triceratops golf cart to the 18th hole to win The Loyal Order of Dinosaurís annual golf championship.
The aperture measures 7" x 9" while the matte measures 10" x 13".

Matte has aged and exhibits wear. Cel is slightly wavy which is fairly common for animation cels of this age. There is moderate line wear in Fredís face and at the lower right of the golf bag . As somewhat visible in the web image, there are specks and smudges of adhesive-like white residue at the lower left corner and by the apertureís left edge located 1.5" below the upper left corner. The paint on the edges of the dinosaurís frill is slightly smudged and there is a white smudge in the golf bag. There is evidence of very light mottling in Fredís tie and in the light blue of the golf bag.

The size of the image is 5.75" h x 7.75" w.


Hanna-Barbera Studios

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