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The Flintstone Comedy Show (1980)
Model sheet drawing of The Flintstones, the Rubbles, Dino and Captain Caveman.

The matte measures 35.50" x 14" inches, while the aperture measures 30.50" x 9" inches.

As visible in the web image, there is evidence of four mild folds running vertically through the left and right sides of the paper. There is evidence of some handling in the paper, with mild creasing throughout and extremely slight paper loss in areas along the lower edge. The characters Chester and Cavemouse are xeroxed images which have been trimmed and pasted to the paper. Betty and Wilma's names have also been trimmed and pasted onto the paper. There is evidence of small areas of White-Out in the Shmoo's neck and in the Hanna-Barbera copyright stamp to the right of Frankenstone. There is a small fleck of stray paint to the right of Moonrock's head. There is a very slight area of mottling in the lettering of Cavemouse's name. There is evidence of some smudging along the fold line running vertically through Atrocia. There is evidence of some indentations along each edge of the back side of the foam backing, behind the matte.

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