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Marvel Comics

Edition Size: 25
Lithograph of Captain America.

AP/PP version
IMAGE SIZE: 15 W x 24 H
PAPER SIZE: 18 5/8 W x 27 H
Captain America: Ready for Battle is an illustration by Alex Ross in homage to the classic Bob Layton, John Romita Jr. cover Invincible Iron Man (1968) #126. Created for a lenticular cover for Marvel Legacy: Captain America #695, the image of Captain America readying himself for battle replicates the 1979 cover of Iron Man suiting up.
A symbol of liberty and freedom the red, white and blue suit patterned after the American flag, was originally designed by Steve Rogers to help inspire the US forces. Equipped with his uniform, made of nearly impregnable material, and his shield, a uniquely indestructible concaved disc made of vibranium, American Steel, and adamantium, Captain America is ready for battle.

US$ 225  (unframed)

Marvel Comics

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